A-line stocks t-slot aluminum extrusion framing, a high quality t-slot aluminum framing system designed to be compatible with Bosch t-slot aluminum extrusion framing. A-Line t-slot aluminum framing is suitable for a variety of applications including work stations, lab stations, machine frames, assembly automation frames and safety guarding. Our t-slot system is in use today in industries ranging from automotive and automated manufacturing to pharmaceutical. This framing is fully compatible with Bosch systems and Bosch accessories, enabling you to create complete systems. We stock profiles from 20x20 to 100x200, so whatever your framing application, we’ll have a solution. The series 20 is for light duty applications, the series 45 is for medium duty all purpose applications and the 90 series is for heavy duty work station applications. We also stock a broad range of fastener and accessory options for our t-slot aluminum system.

A-Line t-slot aluminum works with all metric Bosch profiles and is comparable in quality. Our t-slot aluminum extrusion framing meets or exceeds industry standard tolerances to ensure quality of all the profiles.
Series 20 Series 20 Series 30 Series 30 Series 40 Series 40 Series 45 Series 45 Series 50 Series 50
Series 60 Series 60 Series 80 Series 80 Series 90 Series 90 Specialty Specialty