• T-Slot Framing Used As A Dividing Wall
  • More T-Slot Aluminum Framing Uses
  • T-Slot Aluminum Frames Used As A Conveyor Bed And Structure
  • Aluminum Framing Used As A Machinging Jig
  • Conveyor Bed That Uses Aluminum T-Slot Frames

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At A-Line Automation we've been designing and building custom-fabricated solutions since 1995. Whether you have a 3D CAD drawing or just something on the "back of a napkin", we turn your ideas into reality.


We use a proven system of t-slot aluminum framing designed to be interchangeable with Bosch and Item. We have everything you need to move your idea from concept to the production floor. Give us a call today!

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Introducing PVS Direct Connectors image

Introducing PVS Direct Connectors

The folks at Kanya have developed an ingenious way to connect t-slot aluminum members with no machining (except cutting to length).  Introducing PVS Direct Connectors. First, cut the two extrusion pieces to the desired length. Then insert the two...

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