• Overstock Sale! 40 x 40mm T Slot Overstock Sale! 40 x 40mm T Slot

    Available in bulk (6M) sticks or cut to order. We need to move this inventory now, so we’re waiving up to $45 in cut charges with no minimum order! Ask for part number BSB4040L.  Normal packaging & freight charges apply.

    You won’t find a better deal on our standard 40x40L extrusion. Comparable to Bosch part #3842529340. $13.00/meter ($3.96/foot)

    Overstock Sale!
    $13.00 per meter

  • Bosch Compatible Aluminum Profiles Bosch Compatible Aluminum Profiles

    Our Bosch Compatible Aluminum Profiles can be used for many applications.  From dividing walls and shielding applications to office setups and productions systems.

    We have many different profiles available and carry many specialty profiles as well.

  • Aluminum Framing SystemsAluminum Framing Systems

    With an aluminum framing system you can build almost anything you can design for a production system.  The integrated systems and components allow you to design an efficient automated process management solution for your needs.

    We can help turn your ideas and designs into a completed process.

  • Conveyor Automation Framing Conveyor Automation Framing

    T-Slot Aluminum Framing can be used to build conveyors for your automated process or distribution and packaging facility.  Our aluminum profiles are also a strong enough system that they can easily hold up to the task of pallet conveyance.

  • What do you need to build today?What do you need to build today?

    At A-Line Automation we've been designing and building custom-fabricated solutions since 1995. Whether you have a 3D CAD drawing or just something on the "back of a napkin", we turn your ideas into reality.

    We use a proven system of t-slot aluminum framing designed to be interchangeable with Bosch and Item. We have everything you need to move your idea from concept to the production floor. Give us a call today!

  • Pick and Place Automation Pick and Place Automation

    Extruded aluminum profiles are a strong and versatile structure basis for pick and place automation.  Many high speed facilities use our Bosch compatible and Kanya T Slot profiles as their framing solution.

    Check out our pick and place modules that work with our T-Slot framing for your production and distribution facility today.

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Gaylord Cover Vented at 9000cfm image

Gaylord Cover Vented at 9000cfm

This customer needed to vent their product (shipped in bulk) with over 9,000 cubic feet per minute of fresh air.  They gave us a marked up photo of a similar system in another shop and two weeks later we put this together for them.  Completely...

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