Looking for Educational Robots?

If you are a teacher looking for an affordable educational robot, A-Line Automation can help. Robotics is revolutionizing industrial production throughout the Southeast. STEM teachers in the region know STEM programmable robot kits and accessories are a great way to prepare students for the future.

The Dobot Magician is just one of the many programmable robots we offer from Dobot USA.  We make your purchase of a coding robot easy, as A-Line Automation is located in nearby Concord, North Carolina, the heart of the Southeast region.

Programmable Robots Teach Skills

We want students to be prepared for the future. Students working with Dobots, learn real world skills integrating elements of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science into their learning. All at a cost that is 95% lower than the cost of an industrial robot. So, it’s perfect for school budgets.

Why Dobots?

The Dobot is not a toy. Many companies prepare their engineers and techs on the Dobot Magician before installing large scale industrial robots. The Dobot programmable robot kits and accessories can be used in “makerspaces” which combine manufacturing and real-world education. When you install a Dobot Magician in a room with laser cutters, CNC machines and 3D printers, then connect them all - you'll see your students creativity explode!

There is a curriculum for every level of student:

  • The first curriculum is for K-5 students and prepares them for life with robots
  • A second curriculum teaches 6-12 grades how to use robots
  • And, the third curriculum teaches senior level high school through first level college students more in-depth content

Add a 3-D printing kit to create specialized teaching aids for any subject you are teaching. For example you could build molecule models for Chemistry, a planetary gearhead for Physics or a topographical map for Geography.

The Dobot line of programmable robots can help you teach students about Computer Science, Outputs and Inputs and commonly used programming languages like Python script.

Ultimately, your students will have fun learning with robots from Dobot USA.

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