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DAB Series Heavy Duty Filling Machine

Semi-automatic, heavy-duty benchtop filler capable of filling volumes from .05- 1100mL. Can be fitted with multiple pumps to increase output. Capable of being upgraded to a fully automatic unit.


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The DAB Series Machines are semi-automatic, heavy duty fillers ideal for free-flowing, viscous, semi-viscous, and molten products as well as products with small particulates.  The DAB Series Benchtop filler offers a volumetric adjustment from .05 to 1100mL and can be outfitted with multiple filling units to increase output.

Not only can the DAB Benchtop fill a wide variety of products including viscous products such as mascara, creams and lotions, they also can accommodate a wide range of containers such as plastic and glass bottles, pouches, syringes, and test tubes.  Optional designs are available for OEM Applications, CE Mark certified, air operated for hazardous environments, and the ability to automate the Benchtop.

We offer free product testing, rentals, leasing programs, and a "try before you buy" option.  We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and help you identify which machine and filling unit is right for you.

  • Air-actuated "spool valve" operation for dispensing highly viscous liquids and creams
  • Pneumatic operation only, for explosion-proof applications
  • Batch counter
  • CE Mark
  • Up to 24 separate pumps

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