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ProLINE Automatic Filling System


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The ProLINEā„¢ automatic filling system is Filamatic's latest total filling line solution with all the accoutrements to successfully get your product to the market. This system is ideal for medium to higher speed applications and has helped filled products from across a diverse range of industries: nutraceuticals to lotions, e-Cigarette liquids to sauces, after-shave to oils, and pharmaceuticals to specialty chemicals.

Most importantly, this system gives you control of your solutionā€¦ a scalable system that grows at your pace. That is, you can add on different elements of the system as your ready to move to those next steps.

Complete line offers the following: Unscrambling (loading) table, Conveyor, Liquid filling unit with highly touted, industry known Filamatic piston pumps, Safety guard, Quality control/Cap placement station, Auto-Capping/Torquing unit, Labeling/Shrink-wrapping unit, as well as Accumulating (unloading) table.

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