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Rexroth Varioflow Plus Conveyor

If you want your next conveyor system to be reconfigurable, quiet, low maintenance, with an above average service life - consider the VarioFlow plus conveyor by Rexroth a Bosch company. Then, get your requirements met with the best application and design solutions in the market from a member of the VarioFlow Plus Pro-Builder Network: A-Line Machinery.


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Be Flexible.

The VarioFlow Plus Conveyor makes moving products a cinch and maximizes your factory footprint….


Increase Throughput

A-Line Machinery is excited to offer the Rexroth Varioflow Plus Conveyor system because of it’s proven track record of increased productivity. Read this white paper and see for yourself how the Varioflow Plus conveyors increased throughput and reduced energy consumption by 42% for tea maker Yamamotoyama of America.

The VarioFlow Plus conveyor is perfect for moving high volumes of packaged and consumer goods, such as packaged foods, pharmaceuticals and healthcare products.

Four Key Benefits of VarioFlow Plus Conveyor

  • Light but strong design allows for quick line reconfiguration to meet your customers changing needs
  • Ability to move products, in any way imaginable, within the limits of your existing footprint makes for a cost effective investment
  • Long lasting chain life and modular construction reduces downtime and allows for easy maintenance
  • Easy to assemble modules allows for fast shipping, quick Installation and immediate productivity

The VarioFlow Plus conveyor is hands down the quietest, most flexible, energy-efficient and easiest to assemble plastic chain conveyor available.

See VarioFlow Plus Application:

Vario-Flow Plus Conveyor Features

All Vario-Flow Plus conveyors are built with universal basic units. This modular system design makes numerous combination options available because the universal components can be used in all system widths.

The Vario-Flow Plus Conveyor is built with fewer joints and low-friction materials. Rivet-less plastic chain design conveyor requires no lubrication and minimal maintenance. Choose from standard conveyor chain widths from 65mm to 325mm. The stable chain permits tensile forces of up to 1,250 Newtons.

You get multiple motor mounting options with the ability to choose the motor mounting position on-site. Hollow shafts on both sides of the drive and return unit increase flexibility. Side rails have ability to be mounted laterally and have optimized sliding characteristics.

The Vario-Flow Plus is available in stainless steel or aluminum; has built-in drainage surfaces and is MHRA compliant

Easy Assembly - High Flexibility

          Hollow shafts on both sides of the drive and return unit.

          Lateral mounting of the slide rails.

  • Optimised sliding characteristics for the chains and slide rail
  • Gliding surface does not require any machining
  • Fewer joints and low-friction materials
  • Decoupling of chain links using various materials
  • Rolling friction for all track widths in the horizontal curve

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