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Synchromat Automated Bench Top Filling Machine

Entry-level fully automatic filling machine. Features the rugged DAB as the heart of the filling system. Bottom-up, locate fill and static fill modes of operation.


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The Synchromat’s modular economical design allows you to automate your  Semi-Automatic Benchtop Filling Machine into a stainless steel, free standing unit.  As production increases, the number of filling stations can be added depending upon your needs.

The Synchromat can accommodate a wide variety of products and container shapes and sizes.  The product may be supplied from floor level reservoir, overhead supply, or a pressurized source.  A range of Filamatic Piston Pump sizes and models are available along with quick volume adjustment, programmable controller, and an optional HMI touchscreen.

  • HMI Touchscreen
  • Expandable from 2- 20 nozzles
  • Pneumatic operation for hazardous environments
  • Multi-stroke system for volumes > 1L

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magnifiercross VM340:19