Heavy Duty

Shaft Clamping Extrusion image

Shaft Clamping Extrusion

Quickly create linear slides for moving very heavy loads.  Steel shafts are firmly affixed to the t-slot profile using this shaft clamping extrusion.  For steel shaft selection click here .  For...

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Steel Shafts image

Steel Shafts

For use with shaft clamping extrusion to provide linear motion for heavy loads.  Ground and hardened.  HRc 62+/- 2 12mm L12-20 (Use with base 50 clamping extrusion) 16mm l16-20 (Use with base...

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Steel Rollers image

Steel Rollers

Hardened, ground steel rollers designed to track on L16 and L12 steel shafts.  The centric roller is mounted first, and then opposing the eccentric roller is mounted and turned to provide a...

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