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Leveling Foot, Anti-Slide image

Leveling Foot, Anti-Slide

Black Poly-amide cup with NBR rubber anti-slide insert.  Adjustable angle and height.

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Leveling Foot, Plastic image

Leveling Foot, Plastic

Continuously variable leveling feet commonly used for light- and medium-duty applications. Black polyamide cup.

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Leveling Foot, Heavy Duty image

Leveling Foot, Heavy Duty

Black polyamide or aluminum cups.  For heavy-duty applications with load rating up to 10,000 N (2,200lbs).

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Leveling Foot, Anti-Vibration image

Leveling Foot, Anti-Vibration

Aluminum leveling foot with special shock absorber insert.  Ensures vibrating structures sit securely on the floor.    

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