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Quick connectors are groundbreaking in how quickly they can attach tubes and aluminum extrusions to fittings. Our T-slot corner connectors are specifically designed for use with aluminum extrusions and can help make construction much more efficient and convenient in the hands of anyone. Furthermore, aluminum extrusion fasteners are superior in function and quality to connection screws, so never worry that you’re sacrificing quality for convenience.

After all, quality and convenience needn’t be mutually exclusive! Between the versatility and strength of aluminum extrusions and the efficiency of aluminum profile quick connectors, you can assemble high-quality frames and apply extrusions wherever you need.

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Quick Connector 30 (Bosch Style) image

Quick Connector 30 (Bosch Style)

For use with 8mm slot profiles. Bosch compatible. Standard 90 Degrees

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Quick Connector, 45 (Bosch Style) image

Quick Connector, 45 (Bosch Style)

For use with 10mm slot profiles. Bosch compatible. Standard 90 Degrees

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Quick Connector Universal (Kanya Style) image

Quick Connector Universal (Kanya Style)

These connectors can be used in any orientation.  However, the anchors must be installed prior to assembling the profiles.

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Quick Connector Standard (Kanya Style) image

Quick Connector Standard (Kanya Style)

Standard and 90deg connectors.  Our most popular style.

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Quick Connector, Combination (Kanya Style) image

Quick Connector, Combination (Kanya Style)

For quick and easy connections between profiles of different sizes.

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Quick Connector, Mitre, Formed (Kanya Style) image

Quick Connector, Mitre, Formed (Kanya Style)

Pre-formed anchor heads in 15, 30 and 45 deg orientation.

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