20 Series T-Slot Aluminum Profiles

Highly valued for being incredibly strong and lightweight, aluminum profiles like the 20 series have become an essential component across many industrial automated applications.. The lightweight nature of the aluminum profiles makes them easy to manhandle and fit into their necessary configurations. Due to their relatively low weight and strength this 20x20/40 range of extrusions can only be used for small loads, such as limit switches fixtures, smart work frames, small display cases, etc. A-Line Automation offers 20x20 T-slot aluminum extrusions with four 8mm T-slot openings or 20x40 T-slot aluminum extrusions that double the T-slot openings to eight. Contact us today for more information about our extrusions!

T-Slot Aluminum Profile 20x20 image

T-Slot Aluminum Profile 20x20

Series 20 standard profile. This profile has four 8mm t-slot openings and can be used for many applications. Series 20 profiles are typically for general purpose light-duty use. Compare to Bosch...

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T-Slot Aluminum Profile 20x40 image

T-Slot Aluminum Profile 20x40

Series 20x40 standard profile. This profile has six 8mm t-slot openings. This light duty profile is versatile in that it offers two mounting slots per face as well as one mounting slot per end....

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