Series 30 T-Slot Aluminum Profiles

A-Line Automation provides a wide variety of Series 30 aluminum profiles so that you have the necessary versatility to put together aluminum extrusions in any kind of design. Each model features one or more 8mm T-slot profile openings, and any side that does not have an opening has smooth siding. This smooth siding ensures your finished design looks clean and sleek.

If you have any questions or inquiries about our 30x30 aluminum extrusions or aluminum profiles, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today. We’ll be happy to help you find the right components for your designs.

T-Slot Aluminum Profile 30x301N image

T-Slot Aluminum Profile 30x301N

Series 30 single t-slot profile. This series offers one 8mm t-slot opening and three smooth sides for a cleaner finish when desired. Compare to Bosch part #3842506952

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T-Slot Aluminum Profile 30x302N180 image

T-Slot Aluminum Profile 30x302N180

Series 30 double face profile. Two 8mm t-slot openings that are opposite each other as well as two smooth sides opposite each other. This profile is suitable for use on framing panels to offer a...

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T-Slot Aluminum Profile 30x302N90 image

T-Slot Aluminum Profile 30x302N90

Series 30 corner profile. Two 8mm t-slots adjacent to each other. For use in applications that require a cleaner finish on the corners of frames or panels. Compare to Bosch part #3842506953.

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T-Slot Aluminum Profile 30x303N image

T-Slot Aluminum Profile 30x303N

Series 30 face profile. Three 8mm t-slot openings as well as one smooth side. These are suitable for framing applications where it is desirable to have a clean look on a single side. Compare to...

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T-Slot Aluminum Profile 30x30R image

T-Slot Aluminum Profile 30x30R

Series 30 "softline" extrusion with two 8mm t-slot openings and a curved edge offering improved aesthetics where needed.

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T-Slot Aluminum Profile 30x30WG40 image

T-Slot Aluminum Profile 30x30WG40

Series 30x40 panel extrusion. The slot on the side accepts panels up to 8mm thick and fits the entire depth of the profile. Two 8mm slots for connecting fasteners and accessories.

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T-Slot Aluminum Profile 30x40WG40 image

T-Slot Aluminum Profile 30x40WG40

Series 30 double panel extrusion. This profile acts as a ‘splice’ between two panels. Allows up to 8mm thick panels to be inserted from opposing sides.

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T-Slot Aluminum Profile 30x60 image

T-Slot Aluminum Profile 30x60

Series 30x60 standard t-slot aluminum extrusion profile. This profile features six 8mm t-slot openings for applications that require more strength. There are two mounting slots per face, one...

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