40 Series T-Slot Aluminum Profiles

With our variety of 40 series T-slot aluminum profiles featuring different designs, openings, and shapes, we’re certain to have the solution to your project’s needs. Aluminum extrusions have long been a staple in a variety of industries thanks to the incredible strength and lightweight nature of aluminum. Aluminum is also very easy to work with and construct into different designs, so our 40 series extrusion profiles feature various designs to best fit any project.

Explore the variety of aluminum profiles we carry in just our 40 series category. If you have trouble finding the right 40x40 T-slot aluminum extrusion for your needs, contact us for more information and expert aid!

T-Slot Aluminum Profile 30x40WG40 image

T-Slot Aluminum Profile 30x40WG40

This profile acts as a ‘splice’ between two panels.

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T-Slot Aluminum Profile 40x40L image

T-Slot Aluminum Profile 40x40L

This profile offers four 10mm t-slot openings and is used for general-purpose applications for a wide array of uses. Compare to Bosch part # 3842529340.

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T-Slot Aluminum Profile 40x402N90 image

T-Slot Aluminum Profile 40x402N90

The profile has two 10mm openings for a t-slot fastener. Used in applications where a clean finished look is needed on the corner.

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T-Slot Aluminum Profile 40x402N180 image

T-Slot Aluminum Profile 40x402N180

The profile has two t-slot openings on opposite ends. Used for framing panels if a clean look is more desirable on the front and back.

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T-Slot Aluminum Profile 40x403N image

T-Slot Aluminum Profile 40x403N

This profile has three openings for a t-slot fastener and one smooth side. Best suited for framing when a clean look is needed on a single side.

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T-Slot Aluminum Profile 40x80L image

T-Slot Aluminum Profile 40x80L

These are used in an application requiring a bit more strength and stiffness. Also includes two mounting slots for each face and one mounting slot per end.

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T-Slot Aluminum Profile 40x120L image

T-Slot Aluminum Profile 40x120L

This profile offers eight total openings for a t-slot fastener. The 40x120 profile is great for heavy-duty applications for areas that need extra strength.

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