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Threaded inserts for aluminum provide your extrusions with a metal thread that allows for screws to (most commonly) attach leveling feet and casters to the extrusions. Threaded inserts for aluminum are always one of the best options to go with in terms of fasteners because they are much stronger and less time-consuming than alternatives like weld nuts and tapped holes.

A-Line Automation offers an assortment of threaded inserts for aluminum extrusions, the most common of which is simply called “threaded inserts,” but we also have knurled inserts—used when a horizontal bolted connection is necessary—pressed inserts, and threaded dowels.

Threaded Insert image

Threaded Insert

Primarily used for bolting leveling feet and casters and the threaded end of t-slot profiles.

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Knurled Insert image

Knurled Insert

Used when a horizontal bolted connection to the t-slot profile is required.

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Pressed Insert image

Pressed Insert

Used with B02-6 60x60mm extrusion to attach leveling feet or casters. M10  B33-60 M14  B33-64

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Threaded Dowel image

Threaded Dowel

Patented two-part dowel enables bolted connections to several types of surfaces- extrusions, panels, tubes.  The knurled insert holds the component in place while the expansion sleeve is...

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