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AB Series Medium Duty Filling Machine

Semi-automatic, medium duty filler capable of filling volumes from .05 - 260mL. Rugged stainless steel construction and over-sized componentry ensure years of useful life.


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The AB Series Benchtop is a semi-automatic medium duty filler, ideal for repetitive dispensing of liquids from water-thin to viscous, molten products, and products with small particulates.  The AB Series can accommodate fill volumes ranging from .05 to 260mL with the ability to mix and match pumps and nozzles for optimal versatility and flexibility.

This single nozzle filling machine incorporates a variable speed electrical gearmotor drive, which turns the crankshaft that drives a volumetric piston pump known as a "Filling Unit".  The Filling Units are accessories offered to dispense a wide range of liquids and are made from either glass or Stainless Steel.  The AB Series is offered in three models which operate at a maximum rate of 85 RPM, 35RPM, and 23 RPM.  Designs are available for OEM Applications as well as CE Mark certified, and air operated models for hazardous environments.

We offer free product testing, rentals, leasing programs, and a "try before you buy" option.  We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and help you identify which machine and filling unit is right for you.

  • Air-actuated "spool valve" operation for dispensing highly viscous liquids and creams
  • Pneumatic operation only, for explosion-proof applications
  • Batch counter

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