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Kanya t-slot aluminum profiles have been a European standard since 1975. In fact, Kanya invented the quick connector used in t-slot systems throughout the world today. This well-thought-out system is easy to use and completely interchangeable. Our wide selection of t-slot aluminum extrusions is available in many styles for a wide range of applications. As a key component in machine building, Kanya aluminum profiles are designed with flexibility and reliability in mind.

Among the advantages of the Kanya t-slot system:

  • Single slot size (8mm) for all aluminum profiles eliminates duplicate accessories like filler strips, nut plates, t-blots etc.
  • Center hole sized for standard M-series taps. Unlike other t-slot systems, the center hole on the Kanya system can be tapped for M16 or M14 (depending on profile size), allowing direct threading of accessories like casters and leveling feet.
  • The original, spring-loaded quick connector is stronger and easier to use than competing systems.
  • Unique “panel slot” extrusions provide a near-flush finish for thin panels while retaining all of the functionality of the original Kanya t-slot aluminum extrusion system.

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