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3 Benefits of Aluminum Extrusion Frames Over Welded Steel

January 3, 2023

Steel is a long-time material of choice for many construction projects; however, aluminum has become a rising star for its strength, durability, and bevy of other benefits. If you need to create frames but can't decide what material to use, allow us to share three benefits of aluminum extrusion frames over welded steel.

Easy To Work With

Aluminum is a resource- and cost-effective material that is very malleable and easy to mold. You can make aluminum incredibly thin without compromising its strength or integrity, so you can make aluminum framing with less material than if you were to use welded steel. With aluminum, you'll have a frame built in a shorter amount of time, using fewer resources, and without sacrificing the quality or strength of the frame.

Weather Resistant

One of the biggest benefits of aluminum extrusion frames over welded steel is that aluminum is weather resistant. For one, it doesn't corrode easily. Aluminum develops a natural, quick-acting oxide layer that prevents oxidation from occurring. While this doesn't make aluminum invulnerable, it's highly unlikely for corrosion to occur. This cuts down on how much maintenance and upkeep are necessary.

Furthermore, thanks to its thermal conductivity, aluminum frames actually become stronger in freezing temperatures. This makes aluminum a great option for areas with colder or more extreme weather.


Lastly, aluminum is incredibly beneficial to the environment and your wallet. You can recycle aluminum over and over again without ever compromising its integrity or needing to reinforce the recycled aluminum with new aluminum.

This means old, unneeded frames can become something new and more useful, reducing waste and helping the environment. Furthermore, by being able to endlessly recycle aluminum materials, you cut down on the costs necessary for brand-new aluminum production, meaning it's also much cheaper.


With so many great, naturally-occurring benefits, you can rely on t-slot aluminum framing to provide the same strength as welded steel but with overall greater quality. To learn more about aluminum frames, reach out to us at A-Line Automation. Our experts will be happy to provide you with everything you need.

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