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November 17, 2022
5 common myths about aluminum frames debunked

Many industries have adopted aluminum extrusion t-slots as a mainstay over materials like steel that have long since dominated the market. Aluminum’s numerous benefits have improved many everyday utilities and amenities like cars. However, anyone unfamiliar with the benefits of aluminum has given way to some misconceptions and myths. Let’s explore five common myths about aluminum frames that have been debunked.

Aluminum Is Weak

Aluminum is much lighter than other metals, which is why it’s easy to understand the perception that aluminum must be weaker. It’s true that steel is technically stronger than aluminum, but the difference is minimal. Aluminum is very strong, and its lightweight nature makes that small sacrifice in strength more than worth it. For instance, modern cars use aluminum frames to make them much more fuel efficient.

Aluminum Cannot Be Insulated

Another common myth about aluminum frames is that they can’t be insulated, making them bad for construction. The truth is they actually need to be insulated differently. Aluminum frames have thermal breaks that create small bridges. Air is a poor conductor and prevents heat from escaping, making a home insulated and energy efficient.

Aluminum Is Hard To Maintain

On the contrary, aluminum is incredibly resistant to corrosion and typically needs minimal maintenance. This material doesn’t react to the elements, thrives in the cold, and deters the growth of insects and pests.

Aluminum Clashes With Vintage Design

When people think of vintage homes, they typically think of wood and intricate designs. Aluminum is a sleek metal, so people assume it won’t gel well with the vintage style. Luckily, aluminum extrusions can be made with this in mind. You can either cover them up with wooden aesthetics or make them complement vintage designs.

Aluminum Is Just Plain Ugly

On the topic of aesthetics, some people assume aluminum frames will look ugly because they’re too cheap or industrial. Aluminum is a great material to create modern designs that look absolutely incredible for modern design trends. Like all materials, aluminum will look bad if not designed well, but with a bit of creativity and knowledge, aluminum can be very beautiful.

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