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The Differences Between Safety Guards and Shields

May 11, 2023

Thousands of workers get injured or lose their lives every year due to workplace accidents. That is why every company must prioritize the safety of their employees. Most companies invest in safety equipment like guards and shields to ensure workers stay protected.

While safety guards and shields might seem similar in some ways, they have significant differences. We'll give you a deeper understanding of the differences between safety guards and shields.

Safety Guards

Safety guards are physical barriers around machines that pose potential hazards to workers. These guards keep workers away from machines that can injure them, cut them, or cause other accidents that can take their lives. Generally, safety guards are made of metal, plastic, or mesh and placed around machines with moving parts.

One benefit of safety guards is that they are permanent structures that provide a lasting solution to injury prevention. Unlike other safety equipment, safety guards do not deteriorate over time; you can use them for many years. However, workers may have to work around them, making it essential to create proper workspaces.

Safety Shields

Safety shields are another type of safety equipment that protects workers from hazardous machines. Unlike safety guards, safety shields typically only protect the machine's operator. They are temporary and replaceable when damaged or worn down.

Safety shields are transparent barriers that keep workers safe from any debris or fragments a machine might eject. They are common in operations that require proximity to machinery, such as welding. They provide a clear view of the operation, which allows workers to complete tasks while staying safe.

Importance of Safety Guards and Shields

Both safety guards and shields are incredibly important pieces of safety equipment that workers depend on to keep them safe. They help reduce accidents and prevent injuries that can impact a company's productivity, morale, and liability.

Companies have specific regulations to meet regarding safety equipment, including guards and shields. Failure to follow these rules could result in significant employee penalties and injuries, ultimately leading to lawsuits.

Companies must prioritize the safety of their employees, and safety guards and shields are essential pieces of equipment that protect workers from hazardous machines. While safety guards are permanent structures that keep workers safe from machines with moving parts, safety shields are transparent barriers that protect workers from any debris or fragments ejected by the machines they operate.

Knowing the differences between safety guards and shields is equally important in protecting workers from accidents that can lead to lawsuits, penalties, and injuries. Companies must choose the right safety equipment for their specific needs by considering the equipment's ease of use, cost, and maintenance. Ultimately, it all comes down to the safety of the workers in any work environment.

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