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Different Types of Aluminum Framing Systems

March 9, 2023

Aluminum is one of the most plentiful and efficient materials on Earth, which is why we utilize it in a variety of industries. One area where aluminum is quite popular is in the manufacturing and industrial sectors, as the material is amazing to build with. Material manufacturers often utilize aluminum to create T-slot extrusions because they are so easy to manipulate, which allows them to create a variety of shapes and configurations. Professionals in these industries will want to know about the different types of aluminum framing systems.

Kanya T-Slot Aluminum Profiles

You can't go wrong with Kanya, especially when you consider the fact that they invented the quick connector that is still in use today. There are many different types of aluminum framing systems within the Kanya universe. The best part is that each system is interchangeable, meaning you can use different components to build anything you want without having to worry about whether the pieces will fit together. If you want a system that is reliable, you can't go wrong with Kanya, a European standard since 1975.

Bosch T-Slot Aluminum Profiles

You've likely heard of Bosch before, as they are a mass supplier of warehouse items with a supply that extends to extrusion profiles. When you choose a Bosch aluminum framing system, you choose a high-quality product that you can utilize in various situations, including lab or workstations, automation frames, machine frames, and safety guards. Moreover, if you have any other Bosch systems, they will fit seamlessly with any new Bosch items you purchase.

Parco T-Slot Aluminum Profiles

Are you looking to make a switch to the Parco system but aren't quite sure how your previous T-slots will fit? There's good news, as many Bosch or 80/20 T-slots are compatible with most of the Parco extrusions. Many people prefer Parco because they provide a clean and sleek look without skimping on quality performance.

Are you looking for T-slot connectors and more? At A-line Automation, we have a wide variety of aluminum framing systems, components, and materials to choose from. No matter what system you choose, you can trust we will provide a high-quality, buildable system you can rely on.

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