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October 27, 2022
4 easy ways to improve machine guarding in your workplace

In many industrial workplaces, there are several necessary hazards employees must contend with to complete their job. For that reason, it’s employers must take every precaution to make the workplace as safe as possible. To help you get started, here are four easy ways to improve machine guarding in your workplace.

Machine Guard Assessments

The best place to start is with your heavy machinery. When you invest in a machine guard assessment, experts will inspect your machinery and identify potential hazards you can solve by adding a custom machine enclosure. These enclosures can be made to your specifications to help protect your machines and employees from damage and injury.

Machine guarding made from aluminum is also a solution that doesn’t interfere with your workplace operations. The lightweight nature of aluminum won’t weigh your machinery down, and if the guarding becomes damaged beyond repair, you can recycle the aluminum.

A Culture of Safety

Your business’s attitude toward safety has a profound effect on the rest of your organization. Promoting safety and prioritizing the health of your workers will create a positive culture that encourages everyone to improve safety. Without this culture, many people may begin to cut corners and disregard the safety machine guards can provide, potentially damaging them in their neglect or using the machines in an unintended way.

Changing Things Up

Another easy way to improve machine guarding in your workplace is to change things up from time to time. Complacency often makes workers go into “auto-pilot” as they go through the motions of the familiar processes. This auto-piloting can make them less aware of their surroundings and increase the likelihood of injury. Keep employees engaged with different safety products and practices so that everyone remains aware of the potential dangers.

Consistent Training

Lastly, it’s always a good idea to provide regular training refresher courses to remind employees of the best practices they should use in the workplace. Such training will ensure employees know how to operate machinery and perform their jobs safely and efficiently. Even long-time employees can use these training courses to remind themselves of the small details that may have slipped their minds.

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