A-Line Offers New Line of T-Slot Aluminum Framing from Germany for the First Time in the US

Posted on 05/28/2011 at 11:52 amViewed 1,197 times

A-Line Corporation has been in the business of distributing t-slot aluminum framing for 20 years. The company is now offering a new line of t-slot aluminum framing. This line of t-slot aluminum framing is offered in several profiles as well as a full line of accessories from A-Line Corporation to provide customers with a reliable quality product with full compatibility with Bosch lines.

The company plans to introduce their new line of products at the Pack Expo International in Chicago, Illinois during the days of October 28th-31st. A-Line Corporation is extending an offer to the public to attend the trade show for free by accessing the expo website at http://www.packexpo.com and entering code 51W33 when registering to attend.

A-Line Corporation will exhibit their exclusive to the US line of German t-slot aluminum framing. Attendees can view the full line of t-slot aluminum extrusion profiles and accessories to experience their quality and find out more about cost savings and durability for the type of job it is needed for.

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