Factors That Impact Aluminum Extrusion Quality

Factors That Impact Aluminum Extrusion Quality

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Extrusion is a forming process that has become widely adopted thanks to its nearly unlimited number of possibilities when designing products. Think of the extrusion process as similar to creating long strands of flattened dough with a rolling pin. The process is low-cost and has flexible tooling, making it a very efficient process compared to other methods. There are many factors that impact aluminum extrusion quality to fulfill such a wide variety of product designs. Read all about them in this article.

Type and Design of Die

The extrusion die is a thick, circular steel disk containing one or more openings in order to create the desired profiles and designs, such as the European standard T-slot aluminum extrusion. The die is placed at the end of the extrusion process where the aluminum being processed is pushed through under pressure in order to forge the shape of the extrusion. Because the aluminum is so malleable during this process, it can be changed and altered to fit whatever design you desire.

Length and Temperature of Billet

The billet is a semi-finished piece of metal—in this case, aluminum—often made in rounded or rectangular shapes. The billet is given heat treatment, once it’s hot enough, is put through the extrusion process by being pushed through the die. The longer the billet, the more friction is formed between it and the container and results in higher temperatures.

Speed and Temperature Control

The temperature and speed of the extrusion process have a large impact on the grain size, orientation, and finish of the surface. The key to consistency in the final product is to ensure the speed and temperature are closely matched and consistently maintained throughout the entire extrusion process. The most common way to achieve this is to preheat the billet and die so the metal reaches its recrystallization temperature and can extrude quickly. The lack of force reduces the friction, which could alter the desired temperature. These two factors impact aluminum extrusion quality, which is, simply put, a delicate balancing act between speed and temperature to create a consistent final product.

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