How Mobile Workstations Make Your Warehouse More Efficient

Posted on 10/03/2022 at 10:45 amViewed 551 times

Many warehouse employees lose time during the workday traveling to their workstations to find the tools, equipment, or space they need to complete a task. What if employees instead brought their workstations to whichever area they need in your warehouse to greatly expedite the process? Here’s how mobile workstations make your warehouse more efficient.

Increased Productivity

Warehouse employees especially must spend a lot of time walking over to a computer or other systems that are obviously too cumbersome to carry. With mobile and lean workstations, it can become much easier to move around computers and other utilities that were previously fixed. By doing so, warehouses cut out the number of times employees must travel back and forth. With this new system, they can refer to their computers and tools wherever they are needed.

Faster Unloading

Goods sitting in your dock are no good to anyone. Mobile workstations are fantastic for expediting the processing and organization of goods so that they’re stored in a timely fashion. The “dock-to-stock" metric is greatly improved this way, which is an important measurement of a warehouse’s efficiency. Mobile workstations are also able to help with cross-docking operations because they allow staff to receive, inspect, relabel, and put away much faster than if they had to continually leave to refer to the relevant information.

Processing Returns

Returns can often throw a wrench in the machine and halt the efficiency of your warehouse because different returned items need to be processed in different ways. This is just another area where mobile workstations make your warehouse more efficient because employees can quickly process returns and make sure they get back where they belong.

Mobile workstations are a fantastic way to ensure employees always have the equipment and tools on hand for any situation. By investing in such mobility, your warehouse will cut out the amount of downtime your employees spend simply walking between areas and hunting for the equipment they need.

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