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A-Line Corporation is a Charlotte based company specializing in t-slot aluminum framing. They carry a wide variety of innovative profile connectors for the t-slot profiles. Most users are probably familiar with gussets and brackets; others prefer quick connect systems. Still other systems use cube connecters or t-connectors.

Each has its own have advantages and drawbacks. For instance, gusset-type connectors offer the best support for beam-type connections, as the gusset doubles as both a connector and a bracket. However, assembly time can be slow and frustrating because of the number of fasteners involved. This can make it difficult to add new profile lengths after assembly. That’s why some like profile connectors like quick-connectors. Quick connectors, as the name implies, are best suited to applications with requiring quick, easy assembly or disassembly. But these connectors require pre-drilling of the t-slot profile whereas the gusset connectors do not.

Cube type profile connectors are also easy to assembly but require the profile end to be tapped to accommodate a bolt. Also, cube connectors are limited to 90 deg joints only. T-connectors do not require machining, but can only connect butt-joints. Like most engineering projects, choosing a connector type has trade-offs. Ultimately the type of connector you choose depends solely on your application and the area of framing you are connecting.

Most t-slot profile systems offer a couple of different profile connectors. At A-Line Corporation, we feature all of these connector types, and they are all compatible with our t-slot aluminum framing system. If you have question about which type you should use for your application, give us a call and our engineers will be happy to discuss the merits of each.

A-Line Corporation helps the clients choose the framing and profile connectors that best fit the application they will need it for. Since each client has a different need, they specialize in helping create customized systems for each application to provide the best fit and function.

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