Low Cost Solution for Light-Duty Safety Guarding Doors

Posted on 04/18/2014 at 01:19 pmViewed 1,208 times

A Charlotte based company, A-Line Corporation, offers many innovative and original solutions for t-slot aluminum framing lines for use in manufacturing, automation, lab modules and more. A-Line Corporation announces another innovation in their t-slot aluminum framing line with a new low cost snap-in extrusion for light-duty rolling doors. This new safety guarding door solution is great for light-duty applications. Each snap-in extrusion roller has the capability to support a weight of up to 50lbs which is ideal for light-duty and some medium-duty applications.

Current safety guarding and machine frame door solutions have been utilizing either steel rollers on steel tracks or a plastic slide extrusion. Both of these options have their drawbacks. Steel roller solutions for t-slot aluminum profile applications are very costly, while plastic slide extrusions do not give the safety doors a smooth rolling operation. Aluminum snap-in extrusion roller solutions will offer smoothness of operation as well as meet the needs for cost effectiveness. A-Line Corporation concludes that both aspects are a key concern for many companies today so it allows them to cut cost without cutting out quality. These aluminum snap-in extrusions are compatible with 8mm t-slot aluminum profiles, including the Bosch profile series 30. The snap in roller guide is especially suited to small safety guarding and machine frame applications.

A-Line Corporation is committed to helping each of their customers create solutions that fit their particular needs. This snap-in extrusion is a great new way that customers can integrate quality and cost effectiveness into their aluminum t-slot framing. T-slot aluminum framing is used in many applications and industries. A-Line Corporation offers a wide array of each t-slot aluminum profile to provide framing for any application, light-duty to heavy-duty.

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