Major Industries That Use Aluminum Extrusions

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As it is strong, lightweight, corrosive-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing, many industries make aluminum their material of choice for components—most notably as Bosch aluminum extrusion profiles. The malleability of aluminum also makes it ideal for a variety of applications, as it can be easily shaped to meet the demands of any project. Furthermore, boasting multiple grades of quality, industries can also customize the desired properties of the aluminum to be just that much more optimal in their application. Let's take a look at some of the major industries that use aluminum extrusions and understand how they’re applied.

The Benefits of Aluminum

While we touched on some of the beneficial traits of aluminum, there are other materials that have similar properties to aluminum, so why don’t industries use those? Let’s get a little bit more specific.


Aluminum weighs far less by volume than other metals like steel, copper, or brass. This makes it much easier to handle and move around, ensuring the final product is not unwieldy or weighing itself down to its own detriment, such as with cars.


The strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum is very impressive in comparison to other metals, especially since the strength of the aluminum can be further augmented through heat treating and the extrusion process. An interesting quality is that, whereas steel becomes brittle, aluminum actually strengthens in cold-weather, thus ensuring long-lasting durability.

Heat Conducting

Speaking of cold, aluminum is incredible at conducting both the cold and heat, and is therefore often used in applications that require a heat exchanger.

Electricity Conducting

Just as it is conductive of temperature, aluminum is also great at conducting electricity. In fact, aluminum is twice as effective at conducting electricity as copper and is much more cost-effective, making it an excellent substitute in electronics, bulk power transmissions, and more.


Another benefit that makes aluminum so great for electronic and high-voltage applications is that the metal is not at all magnetic.


For environments where fire hazards are a major concern, aluminum is often the material of choice because it does not at all produce a spark when struck. Thus, it is perfect for projects with explosive materials.


While stainless steel is often hailed as the most corrosive resistant metal available, aluminum also has strong anti-corrosive traits. This trait is important for ensuring your products are long-lasting and sanitary for delicate environments.

Restaurants and Foodservice

Aluminum extrusions can be easily found within any restaurant or other foodservice business. Portable shelves, trolleys, and more benefit from aluminum extrusions by ensuring the construction of such furniture is lightweight and easily mobile. Many restaurant utilities also use aluminum extrusions because of how durable they are. Most importantly, aluminum used throughout the kitchen is sanitary, thanks to the material’s corrosion resistance.

Restaurants that desire to achieve a more modern appearance may also use aluminum extrusions for something as simple as in the construction of their tables, seats, and décor. This is also a great choice because of how cost-effective aluminum is, thus providing effective and aesthetically pleasing furniture at a lower price.

Construction and Architecture

Construction industries and architects will use aluminum extrusions in construction because they’re a reliable, strong, and long-lasting building material that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to acquire in abundant quantities. In fact, certain grades of aluminum, such as 6061, are strong and light enough to create structures where materials like steel or wood are not malleable or flexible enough. Aluminum extrusions allow architecture designs a greater amount of freedom and provide new opportunities for more effective construction.

In particular, prefabricated structures make great use of aluminum extrusions. Their main goal is to provide sheds, garages, and even homes that can be easily and quickly constructed while maintaining the same quality as traditionally built structures. Aluminum extrusions help provide this quality and make the individual pieces of the structure much easier to transport and lift, thanks to the lightweight quality of aluminum.


Similar to restaurants, sanitation and hygiene are paramount in a medical environment. This means medical equipment will use aluminum extrusions to effectively ward off corrosion and make cleaning much easier. Such extrusions are also great for equipment like gurneys that need to transport patients safely and quickly. There’s no risk the aluminum will give out under the weight of the patient, and the extrusions don’t weigh nearly enough to impede transportation for doctors and nurses pushing the gurney.

Aluminum extrusions are also very quick to construct and assemble, ensuring that our hospitals are well-stocked with high-quality equipment. If something ever does become damaged, a replacement can be quickly assembled and sent to the hospital.

Computer and Electronics

As a conductive, non-magnetic, and non-sparking material, aluminum has long been a favored material in the construction of electronics and computers, even replacing the pivotal role copper would play in conducting electricity.

Aluminum extrusions are great in the construction of computer casings and other protective shells for the delicate components of electronics. Aluminum’s non-magnetic nature is important because the material can’t ever become magnetized and interfere with other components or potentially spark and damage the circuitry.

Shipping and Transportation

You’ve probably noticed the running theme of lightweight qualities being the key quality for major industries that use aluminum extrusions. It is commonly used in shipping and transportation—both in the construction of vehicles and shipping containers—primarily to reduce the weight being carried during transportation and increase the fuel economy of transport vehicles.

The strength and durability of aluminum extrusions also help protect products, materials, and more during the shipping process. This is great for more delicate products, as it reduces the likelihood of damage during transportation or when being handled.

Aluminum extrusions are simply a fantastic all-purpose material that every industry can use, whether it be for its strength, weight, and durability, or because of its corrosion resistance, heat and electrical conductivity, or non-magnetic and non-sparking properties. Aluminum extrusions have long become common in our everyday lives and are ]used in many of the products we have within our homes. Any industry can make use of aluminum extrusions—and they should! They provide the highest quality at a lower price and can easily be recycled for new purposes.

Major Industries That Use Aluminum Extrusions

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