The Types of Machine Safeguarding

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Moving parts in workplace machinery presents an immense danger to employees. “Moving parts” covers a variety of components, from pulleys to gears and beyond. Any machine with moving parts needs specialized safeguards to minimize the chance of injuries. To ensure you find the best defense for your needs, familiarize yourself with the types of machine guarding for businesses, which you’ll find below.


A fixed machine safeguard is a precisely designed device that sits still during operations; it has zero moving parts in sight. Although they don’t move, fixed machine guards, thanks to the aforementioned precise designing, protect employees from dangerous equipment components. Due to their permanent nature, fixed guards are best for covering areas that employees will never need to interact with during operations.


The great thing about these guards is their adaptability. When properly locked, adjustable guards allow materials of a specific size to move through the system safely. However, trained employees can adjust these guards to allow different-sized materials to pass through without hindering safety. Instead of replacing adjustable guards when product sizes fluctuate, you can simply adjust the guard accordingly.


Self-adjusting machine safeguards function nearly identical to the adjustable option above. As the moniker suggests, self-adjusting guards differ from adjustable options because they require no help from employees. This safeguarding tool naturally changes size in accordance with the products you send through the system.


As mentioned above, fixed safeguards are perfect for areas that employees will never require access to. However, in some cases, there are certain equipment components employees need access to but require safeguarding regardless. Thankfully, this is where interlocking machine guards come in handy. An interlocking guard provides a reliable barrier over moving machine parts. However, when employees need to pop the guard open to deal with maintenance and repairs, interlocking guards are very accommodating. Plus, interlocking guards automatically shut off a machine’s power source when employees open them. In doing so, the guard greatly diminishes the chance of moving parts hurting nearby personnel.

As you can see, the types of machine safeguarding available are incredibly diverse and beneficial. However, an improperly designed, installed, or handled safeguard can yield workplace accidents. Always obtain machine safeguards from reliable service providers to ensure the best results. For instance, at A-Line Automation, our machine guard fabrication services are collaborative, working with clients to custom design the perfect guard for their needs. Machine safeguards are essential workplace equipment, so be sure you’re choosing the best option for your specific workplace conditions.

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