Uses of Aluminum Structural Framing in Medical Applications

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Metal fabrication is valuable for constructing materials for a bevy of businesses—and the medical industry is no exception. Currently, the medical sector benefits from the assistance of aluminum extrusions or “t-slots” in various devices and tools.

If you need help designing and constructing medical materials, aluminum frames are a great go-to. However, “medical materials” is a pretty broad term. This quick guide will explain the uses of aluminum structural framing in medical applications.

Simple and Versatile

Before getting into specific applications, let’s dive into why aluminum structural framing is so useful. Thanks to the flexibility of aluminum structural framing designs, they’re used in a wide range of medical applications.

However, aside from their flexibility, the ease-of-use of aluminum structural framing makes this material so advantageous. Aluminum frames offer simple assembly, and, as a result, they’re an efficient tool to have by your side. That’s why aluminum frames are swiftly becoming the preferred material for many roles that welded steel previously filled.

Welding is undoubtedly an effective construction method, but seeking aluminum extrusion fabrication to design and build a frame is much more convenient. The welding process takes immense precision, preparation, and time. On the other hand, using aluminum structural framing is much less demanding but still yields high-quality results.

Specific Industry Uses

Aluminum has a diverse array of applications in medical facilities, from patient rooms to the doctor’s office. Typical uses of structural framing in medical applications include beds, lifts, tables, cabinets, curtain bases, machine bases, stethoscopes, ventilators, and even some testing devices.

Partnering with a metal fabricator early on in the design phase is vital. Even if all you currently have is a rough idea for your solution, the right fabricator can help you smooth out the details and bring that vision to life. That way, your concept can manifest into the easy-to-use, flexible tool you need to get the job done. “Flexible” doesn’t just refer to the many different medical tools you can create with aluminum framing, but also the material’s literal ability to bend and form the shapes necessary to make those medical tools.

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