Ways Aluminum Extrusion Is Ideal for Construction Projects

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When planning new construction projects, architects, engineers, and builders alike agree that custom aluminum extrusion components like aluminum frame connectors are a must. Providing unrivaled versatility and functionality, aluminum and its accompanying extrusion process provide good solutions to a variety of applications. To help you understand why aluminum extrusion is so highly valued and trusted in construction, here are some of the ways aluminum extrusion is ideal for construction projects.

Practical Applications

In comparison to other materials, aluminum can be extruded to fit any specification without compromising its strength and durability. This makes it highly versatile and flexible for a greater array of applications and designs, as its capable of accommodating any size or shape. As such, aluminum extrusion has quickly become a go-to process for construction whenever there’s a design with very specific needs that would be too difficult or unusual for other metals to conform to.

Furthermore, the versatility of extruded aluminum allows it to be applied to nearly any part of a building, including window frames, roofing, or aesthetic flourishes that seek to achieve a modern and sleek look. Aluminum remains so versatile due to its incredible weight-to-strength ratio. Unlike alloys like steel, aluminum is incredibly light while maintaining an incredible strength. This allows extruded aluminum to remain as reliable and strong as other metals while being far less strenuous or hazardous to transport and lift.

Structural Strength

Expanding on the strength and weight properties of extruded aluminum, this material has an exceptional structural strength that is comparable to more traditional alloys like steel, with only a third of the weight. This weight difference also has smaller benefits that make aluminum extrusion ideal for construction projects, such as being much easier and more efficient to transport to the intended construction site. Heavier materials like steel force vehicles to work much harder to reach the same speeds, causing them to consume much more fuel. Extruded aluminum is easier to load and offload and will save a lot more money and resources that could be dedicated elsewhere.

A relevant trait that contributes to the strength of aluminum extrusion is its thermal conductivity and how well it handles extreme weather conditions. The wear and tear of aging and enduring nature eventually take their toll on anything, but aluminum extrusions do well at maintaining their inherent properties. In fact, extrusions do incredibly well in the cold, protecting structures far better than more conventional materials like brick.

Corrosion Resistance

Further, regarding aluminum’s impressive resistance against nature, aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion, greatly reducing the likelihood of rust that would progressively decay the integrity of a metal. This attribute is especially key and valued for creating long-lasting homes. Furthermore, the alloys that comprise aluminum extrusions are immune to the negative effects of UV rays and subsequent UV degradation. This degradation can result in a loss or change of color, loss of strength, reduced flexibility, the formation of cracks, or the possibility of the material disintegrating entirely.

Another benefit of aluminum’s corrosion resistance is that it allows aluminum extrusions to be much more energy efficient. Rather than always having to make extrusions from scratch, aluminum can be recycled and reused endlessly. The recycling process uses a mere fraction of the energy it would take to create new aluminum extrusions from raw materials.

Reusable and Recyclable

Building upon aluminum’s ability to be recycled and reused, the sustainable nature of aluminum eliminates the need for demolition on construction sites. Instead, crews opt for deconstruction, in which they salvage materials for recycling and repurposing. This both reduces the costs of dumping material in a landfill and is a purely positive way for construction projects to be more conscious of the environment. This is especially important as we seek to better understand our impact on the environment and the demand for sustainable materials and processes rises.

A more practical benefit to your construction site, however, is that aluminum has the ability to be recycled endlessly without compromising its attributes. This helps ensure the supply of aluminum for aluminum extrusion remains plentiful and widely available, keeping prices relatively stable. This makes aluminum extrusion beneficial from both an environmental and fiscal perspective.

Enhanced Aesthetic Design

We’ve touched on how aluminum profiles are naturally aesthetically pleasing, and it’s worth highlighting this feature because it allows construction projects to incorporate newer, more unique designs that weren’t viable with other materials. These possibilities are now open, thanks to the unlimited flexibility of the aluminum extrusion process.

Furthermore, the surface of aluminum can have any kind of decorative finish that you desire, whether you want to paint or anodize the aluminum—the two most common finishes used by architects and engineers. Aluminum itself has a pleasing aesthetic that is often incorporated into the design of a building to create a sleeker and more modern look.

Depend on A-Line Automation for Quality Extrusions

A-Line Automation has been providing high-quality T-slot aluminum profiles for over 25 years. We’re well-versed in what makes extrusions versatile and the many benefits aluminum extrusions have to offer. Regardless of your project’s specific needs, you can be certain we’ll be able to fulfill any order. Our team is comprised of many individuals with special skills, from employees with aerospace and military backgrounds to expert engineers and machinists. We always provide unparalleled quality at an affordable price. We have experience working with some of the toughest clients; you’ll find that we’re experienced partners in providing your construction project with aluminum profiles.

With our wide variety of products and services, we have a lot to offer to your construction site and crew. In addition to extruded aluminum meant for the construction of buildings, we provide aluminum framing systems and accessories that help make the process more convenient for your workers. For instance, our durable workstations help make your job much easier and more efficient. Take a look at what we have to offer, and get in contact with us today if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to working with you!

Ways Aluminum Extrusion Is Ideal for Construction Projects

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