What Are the Advantages of Aluminum Extrusions?

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In a variety of industries, aluminum extrusions are used in an even greater variety of applications. However, what are the advantages of aluminum extrusions that make them so popular? As one of the leading experts in aluminum fabrication services, allow us to provide some insight on how aluminum profiles have greatly improved industrial and commercial industries alike.

Basic Traits of Aluminum

Aluminum extrusions are so widely used because the basic qualities of aluminum make it such a versatile material.

  • Strength – Aluminum extrusions are incredibly strong by default, but they can then be further enhanced as needed for their intended applications. The strength of aluminum extrusions can be focused during the fabrication process through varying wall thickness and internal reinforcements. In addition to that, aluminum thrives in cold weather applications, becoming stronger as the temperature falls.
  • Lightweight – Even if aluminum is strong, what makes it stand out from metals like steel and iron? The key is in its weight-to-strength ratio. Aluminum seems miraculous in how strong it is while only weighing a third of the weight of other metals.
  • Corrosion Resistance – Similar to stainless steel, aluminum is incredibly resistant to corrosion like rust thanks to its naturally occurring oxide file. This protective oxide file can be further enhanced by finishing processes like anodizing.
  • Conductive – Aluminum is a great material for conducting both heat and electricity, often being more effective than copper, which had long been the standard for electronic wiring. By being effective at both applications, it contributes to the flexibility of aluminum extrusions.
  • Non-Magnetic – As mentioned, aluminum wiring and components have been replacing copper as a more effective electrical conductor. This is possible because aluminum is completely non-magnetic, preventing interference with electronics.
  • Abundance – The Earth’s crust is incredibly rich in aluminum, so supply is never short despite the large demand. This helps keep the cost of aluminum down—and you won’t have to worry about shortages regarding the material.
  • Sustainable – In addition to being naturally abundant, aluminum is infinitely recyclable without the properties or integrity of the aluminum degrading over time. This means if you have no use of old machinery, components, and more, you can repurpose the materials into something new and just as high-quality functionally.

Shipping and Transportation

Cars, trucks, planes, and more can all make use of aluminum extrusions to improve their design. The main benefit aluminum extrusions provide is that their lightweight nature improves fuel efficiency because the engine doesn’t have to work as hard to move the rest of the vehicle. This also allows shipping to become more efficient, as more passengers or cargo can be placed in a vehicle without hindering the performance of the vehicle. Furthermore, aluminum extrusions are used to create more efficient components that handle the rigorous demands of vehicles.


Automation is another industry where aluminum extrusions shine. As the material is incredibly malleable and flexible, extrusions can be used to create a wide range of industrial machinery like conveyor belts, cranes, and even the development of industrial robots and automated systems. Aluminum extrusions ensure such machinery will remain functional and productive for a much longer time than machinery made from other materials. This also makes it easier to move and transport machinery as necessary, such as if you must expand your operations or reconfigure your manufacturing facility.

Furthermore, like with shipping, constructing your machinery from aluminum extrusions is a much more cost-efficient method thanks to the abundance of aluminum and how easy aluminum extrusions can be made into various shapes and sizes for any application.

Energy Production

With how effective aluminum is at conducting heat and electricity, it’s no wonder that extrusions are being incorporated into the energy production industry. While aluminum has served many functions, such as wiring and heat dissipation, aluminum extrusions, in particular, are used in the manufacturing of heat sinks, enclosures, LED lighting, panels, and more. The non-magnetic and non-sparking properties of aluminum also make the extrusions ideal for electronics because there’s no risk of it posing a threat to the electronics and compromising their functions.


Aluminum extrusions have an intimate relationship with architecture and the construction of buildings. Windows, doors, doorframes, trim, handrails, and so much more have made aluminum extrusions a staple in their construction that you’d be hard-pressed to find a modern building that does make use of aluminum extrusions in just about every aspect. Aluminum extrusions are simply one of the best materials for reliable and durable construction, while having that added benefit of being aesthetically pleasing thanks to their sleek, silver appearance being right at home in modern architectural designs. The ease of shaping aluminum extrusions also allows for greater customizability and new designs in architecture that were previously impossible with other building materials.

Medical Facilities

A lot of medical equipment is made from aluminum extrusions because of how important it is for hospitals, labs, and more to remain as sterile as possible and free of potential sources of contamination. Aluminum shines here as an anti-corrosive material, much like stainless steel, but lightweight enough for the construction of tools like gurneys. This quality makes making it easier to transport patients, especially in the case of an emergency. Furthermore, medical equipment must endure a lot of wear and tear even on the lightest of days, so the quick construction and assembly of aluminum extrusions help ensure that damaged or worn-out equipment is replaced quickly.


Like medical facilities, restaurants must prioritize sanitation in order to protect the reputation and success of their business. Aluminum extrusions are often the most cost-efficient choice for small businesses but are great for any size of restaurant. Also, like medical facilities, aluminum extrusions keep tools like carts lightweight so that your employees have an easier time using them, thus increasing work efficiency. Equipment can be easily moved and rearranged to ensure you can clean every nook and cranny of your restaurant without the hassle of heavy appliances being too cumbersome to be worth moving.

The advantages of aluminum extrusions are unparalleled in their versatility, beneficial properties, and cost. Whatever industry you reside in, you should consider your own operations and where aluminum extrusions may be able to improve the functionality, efficiency, and quality of life of your facilities.

What Are the Advantages of Aluminum Extrusions?

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